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Going on vacation is something that many people look forward to every year. It is a time to relax, explore new places, and spend time with loved ones. In this essay, I will be discussing my recent vacation and my experiences while traveling in English-speaking countries.


My vacation started with a trip to London, England. I was excited to explore the city and learn more about its rich history and culture. One of the first things I did was visit Buckingham Palace, where I saw the Changing of the Guard ceremony. It was a fascinating experience to witness the precision and pageantry of this ceremony.

After spending a few days in London, I traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland. The city was beautiful, with its winding streets and stunning architecture. I visited Edinburgh Castle, which overlooks the city and provides amazing views. While in Scotland, I also had the opportunity to try some traditional Scottish food, such as haggis and neeps.

Following my time in Scotland, I traveled to Dublin, Ireland. The city was full of life and energy, with its vibrant music scene and friendly people. I visited the Guinness Storehouse, where I learned about the brewing process and got to sample some of their delicious beer. I also explored some of the city's historic sites, such as Trinity College and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

My final stop on my vacation was New York City. It was a stark contrast to the quiet beauty of the British Isles. The city was loud, busy, and full of energy. I visited iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. I also spent time exploring the city's diverse neighborhoods and trying some of its famous food, such as pizza and bagels.


My vacation was an incredible experience, filled with new adventures and unforgettable memories. Traveling to English-speaking countries allowed me to explore new cultures and learn more about the world around me. I highly recommend taking a trip like this to anyone who is able to do so. It truly is a life-changing experience.

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